The spectrum of the FerrariArt goes beyond passion for driving fast cars. It demonstrates a glance shut to capture the high life of championship moments, passion for slick modern auto design and of course the Ferraris. This is where our journey begins.........

Falling in love with Ferraris is inevitable. It is that unforgettable wow moment where one finds himself unable to take off eyes from these amazing cars.  This is the moment that ones passion for Ferraris gets carved in his mind and will never gets erased from his heart.

In we bring this passion to canvas and customize it to our clients taste, and integrate it into their living space. At FerrariArt you can select paintings from our art gallery or request custom paintings.

Many of our artworks has been inspired by the Pebble Beach Concorso Italiano, where the passion for Ferraris and modern art has created master pieces. My passion  for modern art and high speed cars reflects in the paintings. Only few people are lucky to own some of our magnificent art work. 

Our love affair with Ferraris will never end.......

Susan Dahi/ Artist/ Philanthropist